Colston Hall’s foyer was built with sustainability in mind and our newly transformed hall, due to reopen in 2020, has been designed with equal consideration to our environmental impact.

Since we opened our foyer in 2009 we have increased our use of renewable energy by 3% and are working on a strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. A display panel in the Hall shows customers how much energy the wind turbine is generating.

 How we plan to make Colston Hall carbon neutral by 2030

  • We use our building in the most energy efficient and sustainable way we can
  • We convert daylight into power with our 20 solar panels, which heat the majority of our water
  • We save around eight tonnes of carbon dioxide by using the wind turbine and solar panels
  • We light the foyer using our computerised lighting with daylight sensors, allowing us to plan our energy use and prevent waste
  • We install energy efficient lighting wherever possible
  • We use movement sensitive light switches in areas which are used infrequently
  • We have automatic on/off taps on all sinks in the public area
  • All of our toilets are water efficient
  • We recycle all bottles, paper, cardboard and anything that isn’t recyclable is incinerated and turned into energy
  • We source local produce where possible and use local companies such as Marshfield ice cream and Bath Ales
  • We ventilate the foyer building naturally
  • We sell fair-trade tea
  • In phase II of our redevelopment, we plan to install energy efficient systems throughout the building, such as:
    • The most modern and efficient boilers
    • Up-to-date control technology to ensure that we are using the systems as efficiently as possible
    • A new heating system
    • Increase the number of solar panels on the roof of Hall 1 to make our energy usage even more efficient
    • Better insulation throughout the building
    • LED lighting throughout the building
  • We expect these changes in phase II of our redevelopment to achieve an energy rating of Very Good from BREEAM

We encourage our patrons to be sustainable when visiting the Hall. We publicise bus and train information to our customers and have installed cycle racks outside the foyer. As a responsible venue we contribute to the creation of a safe city centre.

Bristol Music Trust Environmental Policy

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